The most important thing for us is to offer quality in food: because we think that food is life… so good food is the way for hapyness!

We select our products and prerare organic, natural and healthy breakast for our guests. With no sugar and no refined products, breakfast is particularly suitable for people with food intolerances problems (problems related to the consumption of animal proteins and fats, simple sugars etc.), For vegetarians, vegans <(cakes without butter, eggs, milk and dairy products), macrobiotic.

We are able to meet dietary needs (from anyway when booking) of:

  • lactose intolerance, gluten, etc.
  • problems of hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia.

We use only vegan ingredients. So, even cow’s milk. If you are used to drink milk in the morning for breakfast, we can propose alternatives vegetable drinks. The goal is to replace the eggs, milk, butter, or other animal protein that our diet is already rich enough (the excess of which can promote heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis).