The Serchio Valley and Garfagnana territory, situated in the northern part of Tuscany, at the border with Emilia Romagna,
between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Appennine, contains a large amount of naturalistic treasures.

Its charm derives from the contrasts between the steep mountain tops and the high pasture lands, the thick dark woods and the rushing streams,
the caves, the hill slopes, the wide river beds at the bottom of the valley, in a rich, natural whole.

In this highly charming landscape, the human settlements have respected the natural scenery without spoiling its enchanting beauty.
Even the most important buildings, like hermitages, castles, fortresses, bridges, show a wise and intelligent
good taste that has contributed to preserve the fairy-tale atmosphere of the place.

Forests, forts and medieval villages are the evidence of a thousand year of culture.

In the uncontaminated nature of these places you will play a lot of sports.